Azuero Outfitters

Azuero Outfitters is the soul of Los Buzos. From the day we discovered this Paradise it has been all about the Adventure of it all – the Azuero adventures unique to this part of the world.

From the first day in Cambutal we had a bucket list of things we wanted to accomplish. Many like landing a Black Marlin by kayak, and breaking the Roosterfish World Record are now legend in fishing circles, but others like summitting Cerro Hoya, finding the rare Azuero Parakeet, and capturing the elusive Ocelot on film in our property have been quietly checked off over the years.

Azuero Outfitters is our way of making that sense of adventure available to all of our guests. With our unmatched offshore offerings, our long history of exploring the remote reaches of Panama, and our own unique Parque Los Buzos 20 years in the making – no one can put you in touch with the heartbeat of the Azuero Peninsula like Azuero Outfitters.

With our 400 acre private preserve, 30 km of maintained trails, our in house team of trail savvy, smooth gaited criollo horses, family friendly side by side XUV’s, and our state of the art hiking and rescue safety electronics and you will recognize that Azuero Outfitters at Los Buzos is fully equipped to help you experience a trip like no other outfitter.

As we often note, Parque Los Buzos is the gem of our properties. But we should note that the inspiration for Parque Los Buzos came from our early trips into the amazing Cerro Hoya National Park.


Our Neighbor Cerro Hoya Park

Just a few miles from the back of Parque Los Buzos, or more down the coast, lies one of Panama’s national treasures, the beautiful and remote Cerro Hoya National Park. Cerro Hoya reaches from the moist tropical rainforests, keys and coral reefs of the coast to the deciduous dry forests of the highest mountains in the Azuero peninsula. The park contains the headwaters of the Tonosi, Portobelo and Pavo Rivers, sustaining life below and creating spectacular waterfalls on the way.

With its vast range of micro-climates, Cerro Hoya is a hotbed of biodiversity: variety through landscape variation. As is true for Panama overall, sections of Cerro Hoya only 50 kilometers apart are less alike than sections of the western Amazon that are 30 times as distant from each other. This incredible and dynamic richness of life coupled with its raw, untouched state make Cerro Hoya a must-see destination for lovers of nature and of ecology in action.

Cerro Hoya is home to over 95 species of birds, including species endemic to Panama including rare ones such as the Azuero Parakeet, and Brown-backed Dove, Great Green and Scarlet Macaws, and more common species such as kingfishers, the Great Curassow, Great Tinamou and Lance-tailed Manakin. Cerro Hoya is also a refuge for predatory birds such as the enormous King Vulture, the Osprey and the Mangrove Black Hawk.

Cerro Hoya’s mammals include tamandua anteaters, sloths, agoutis, paca, white-tailed deer, squirrels, ocelots, jaguar, white-faced capuchin and howler monkeys. The pantropical spotted dolphin has been reported near the coast.

The park has some 30 species of endemic plants. Orchids, ferns and mosses grow in abundance. The most common forest species are mahogany, espave, guayacan, cuipo, oak, spiny cedar and barrigon. The rare and exotic hardwood species monterillo has been spotted here as well.

Cerro Hoya contains the largest remaining area of untouched deciduous dry forest in Panama, providing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for expeditions.

Azuero Outfitters has been leading excursions into the Cerro Hoya since 2008 and we are constantly working to make this amazing Park more accessible to visitors. Join us for your next Azuero adventure.