From Dream Trip to Home Base

The Los Buzos Advantage Living in The Middle of Where The Fish Are

Panama currently possesses two of the three types of fishing destinations that historically attract fisherman from across the globe. Los Buzos is uniquely positioned to fill in the missing piece of the puzzle to help Panama recognize its full sportfishing potential.

Situated at the heart of Marlin Alley, Los Buzos holds a strategic position for marlin sportfishing operations. Unlike Costa Rica, where major marinas necessitate overnight trips of 120-200 miles to reach prime Marlin grounds, Los Buzos offers daily choices from Piñas Bay to Hannibal and the 200 miles in between. With its central location in this prime stretch of fishing grounds where the top boats all want to fish – Los Buzos will become the hub for top game boats and sport fishing operations in the Pacific.

Where are the Beach Development property at Los Buzos?

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