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Los Buzos Panama was developed by Eagle Properties of Panama, a family owned and operated development company. Eagle specializes in low rise, low density mixed use development. Having built, developed and consulted for various landowners in Coastal Florida and Panama for more than 30 years, the owner chose Los Buzos as the place among them all to retire. Developing remote properties requires skills and experience that are unique in nature. Unlike building in a subdivision or within a city limit, remote development requires a holistic approach, much like building a city from scratch. While it is always important to understand the basics of views, densities, and curb appeal prevalent in typical development – the remote developer must also consider such varied aspects as garbage collection, utilities construction, shipping options, alternative construction and energy methods and other related disciplines. More than anything they must be problem solvers. With educational background and years of experience in business, construction, education, and social work the Eagle team brings the necessary skills to meet the challenges for this type of project. This is why Los Buzos Panama is quickly becoming one of the premier destinations in Panama for those looking to live, work, or vacation in an authentic, pristine, and relaxed environment. If you have dreamed of living, working, or maybe just visiting such a paradise please feel free to email us at [email protected]. There are many opportunities in our area to invest in a business, purchase a vacation or retirement home, or take an extended vacation to enjoy a rare gem in Panama. We will be glad to help you get started. We would not have the quality gear we send our guests out with, without the help of our amazing sponsors.

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