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Resort Experiencies

Los Buzos Resort offers a full range of unique adventures, activities, and tours for those looking to experience Panama’s natural beauty, both on and off the water.


Unmatched variety and trophy-size catches lure global anglers.

Unmatched variety and trophy-size catches lure global anglers.

Year-round fishability and unique near-shore structure for potential world-record catches

Parque Los Buzos is the gem of our properties, and a taste of Old Panama. Over 200 acres of our wildest, most natural, and pristine Panamanian landscape set aside as a permanent nature preserve.


Near shore setup allows fishing from any size boat

Perfectly situated for year-round fishing despite adverse resort conditions

Sheltered from winds, southern azuero’s dry climate ensures virtually zero missed fishing days

Every day is a catch!


It's a haven for surfers and

It's a haven for surfers and


Enjoy accessible surf breaks like 411 and corto circuito, known for their tubes and long rides. los buzos provides access to renowned breaks, offering uncrowded beaches for lessons and tours, catering to both experts and beginners.


Immerse in the rich ecosystem with the last deciduous dry forest, diverse hummingbird population, endangered sea turtles, and a humpback nursery visible from our homes. Los Buzos is committed to preserving and sharing these natural wonders, establishing itself as an eco-friendly destination.

Over 120 hectares preserved, regrown, and improved, offering clients an immersive experience in the pristine deciduous dry forest of Azuero, Panama.

We transformed a deforested pasture into a private preserve, allowing our clients to witness azuero’s natural beauty.

Up-close marine encounters, beach adventures, and horseback or on-foot exploration of pristine beaches and trails await at Los Buzos

Parque Los Buzos:

Featuring nature hikes in search of Capuchin and Howler monkeys, the elusive gato solo, and the even more rare Jaguarundi, Parque Los Buzos is a special place. Well maintained and marked hiking trails offer the option of self guided hikes at a variety of skill levels, guided excursions to waterfalls or known wildlife haunts, or trips venturing to adjacent beaches and reefs hosting a variety of wildlife species and reef life. Los Buzos is a beacon of sustainable development in panama, uplifting the local community, providing employment, and fostering a positive future. Promoting responsible practices, we advocate for catch, photo, and release, transforming the local mindset and preserving valuable resources.

Training local staff benefits both the resort and the community, with 'farm to table' being a lifestyle at Los Buzos.