The Crab Shack – Beach Front Panama Vacation Rental

The first of our rental homeowners in Los Buzos, owned by Jimmy and Shari Cobb from Georgia. Jimmy and Shari got in on the Los Buzos lifestyle early – investing in the very first phase in 2007 and constructing the Crab Shack in 2018.

The Crab Shack is located immediately adjacent to the Kayak Fishing Lodge and Town Center for the ultimate convenience.

Featuring 2 bedrooms and 2 baths directly on the beach with stunning views. For added intrigue the Crab Shack features a rare specimen of the Manzanillo tree, otherwise known as the Carribbean Death Apple!

Don’t worry it wont attack you on the amazing porch while you are enjoying the sunset – just don’t eat the  fruit!

This unique rental design, is available to rent as a full house, a single suite with an independent room, or as two private rooms — simply by locking doors.

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