At Los Buzos we offer a variety of options for anglers of all types from our signature offshore group kayak fishing package, to more traditional boat fishing packages that offer trolling, jigging, and fly fishing variations.

Signature Offshore Group Kayak Fishing

Large group (10 – 12) kayak groups where its predominantly fishing from kayaks and some things such as panga mothership days, gear, room upgrades, etc. are optional and a la carte. Singles or any number can join the group but the daily schedule is less flexible to accommodate the full group and conditions. This is the most affordable option at Los Buzos and is built specifically around the offshore kayak fishing market where most anglers prefer their own (or sponsors) gear, their own tackle, and basic accommodations – thus the a la carte menu. In order to make this option more accessible to everyone we do offer the rental gear option and daily options to take panga mothership excursions, onsite tackle sales, and upgrades to the basic accommodations. This option is best for those predominantly interested in fishing from kayaks and for those who prefer an a la carte plan for gear and lodging upgrades.

Mixed Sportfishing

Our small group (6 or less) mixed sportfishing weeks are more flexible and all-inclusive including gear and a room upgrade. These are from our custom built 27 ft pangas and can include our typical popping, jigging and live baiting along with trolling. These trips we limit to 6 anglers and the itinerary is more flexible. This can include a limited amount of kayak fishing via panga but if that is your main interest daily the kayak group weeks are a better option. This option is best for boat anglers of all types including those new to offshore fishing who want a more typical hands on experience which can include an introduction to offshore kayak fishing or daily mothership kayak fishing.

Specialty Trips:
Fly fishing and Slow Pitch Jigging

These trips are structured like our smaller group trips (Mixed Sportfishing weeks) but include either specialty guides or equipment for that particular trip type. These trips are for specialists who want to focus predominantly on one of these specific techniques.

Each trip has an information packet available with the details of that specific trip. It is very important to pick the trip that best suits your skill level and goals. The trip types vary significantly in what is included in the base price and with how much flexibility is possible with the daily schedule, areas fished, techniques and targeted species

Surf and Surf/Fish Combo trips

Our Surf and Surf/Fish combo trips cater to surfing and fishing enthusiasts looking for something different from the run of the mill surf trip. By combing not just the famous local breaks but also remote ones only accessible by boat we combine our specialized marine fleet and local boat captain knowledgeable in the entire coast line to create an unmatched experience. You choose daily – surf the main breaks, find your own remote spot. or drop a line in between peak swells. Our surf and surf/fish combo package gets the most out of your time on the water.

Where You’d be Staying

Resort lodging options are organized and priced by which fishing trip package you are interested in. Lodging pricing can be found on its specific information packet, organized by lodging type and occupancy.

For Non-fishing Friends and Family

For the non-anglers, we offer a variety of activities on and off the water including horseback riding and hiking on our 400 acre ranch, SUP’s in our cove, surfing, massages, and more! So no need to leave your non-fishing family or friends at home. We have several lodging upgrades available that are perfectly suited for non-anglers who are looking for a more relaxing holiday while their spouse is out fishing.

Week long “bucket list” adventure awaits