Refund Policies

Effective Date: January 2020

Refund is a request from a customer to receive the amount they have paid for an item or service.

Deposits made in relation to our travel packages ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, so we strongly recommend protecting your travel cost and other non-refundable travel expenses with travel insurance. Global Rescue’s exclusive travel insurance allows you to insure all your expenses and covers all fishing activities. While a dedicated travel insurance policy can be purchased at any time, purchasing a policy within 20 days of making the initial travel deposit gives you the widest range of policy options. To buy a policy, click or call + 1-617-459-4200.

If you reside in Panama and are interested in insurance for your reservation, please contact us at [email protected].

LOS BUZOS is exempt from any liability arising from acts of force majeure, weather events or natural disasters.

These Policies are valid for the website and it is understood that when purchasing any of our products or services, the client accepts the terms, conditions, use and refund policies specified previously.